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Golf Course Valle Romano was designed by Cabell B Robinson, the well-renowned international designer of suberb golf courses around the world.

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  • C. Villa Borghese, 1, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
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Green Puncture from June 27 – 30

From June 27 to 30 at Valle Romano Golf & Resort we will be closed for maintenance. Our golf course will receive one of the most important care to achieve a green of the highest quality: "Green Puncture"

What is the "Green Puncture"?

The "puncture" deals with the work of aerating the green. This is essential to maintain our golf course with a greater exchange of air, water and nutrients between the soil and its roots.

What does the “Green Puncture” contribute?

The "puncture of the green" will provide the grass with better breathing and nutrition. A balance between air, water and soil must be maintained so as not to fall into compaction, that is, not to lose space for oxygen and water. This makes it more difficult for the lawn to absorb rainwater, which allows the exchange of nutrients and helps clean excess salts. The compaction that we have mentioned is often caused by the multiple footsteps of the day to day on the grass, the passage of heavy machinery, the hitting of the ball, etc.

How is the “Green Puncture” done?

  1. A machine drills the ground extracting small cylindrical tubes, drilling holes in the entire surface of the green

  2. After the "puncture" (hence its name) that our machine has made, we proceed to clean the entire surface and then spread a layer of sand that will cover the holes we have made

  3. Once the sand is introduced into all the holes, we facilitate the passage of air and water, achieving better health for our golf course

This maintenance work is carried out solely and exclusively to improve the conditions of our field to offer you the best possible gaming experience. Given the temporary closure, we apologize and hope to make you understand that everything is because of getting a better experience for you and for all our players at Valle Romano Golf & Resort. pinchado-valle-romano-golf-resort  

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