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Golf Course Valle Romano was designed by Cabell B Robinson, the well-renowned international designer of suberb golf courses around the world.

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Valle Romano Golf & Resort Introduces Club Golf & Health Columela Initiative

Club Golf & Health Columela
Valle Romano Golf & Resort announces the Club Golf & Health Columela initiative, a multidisciplinary project merging culture, healthy local cuisine, and heritage. Directed by renowned chef and CEO of Columela, Miguel Herrera, the club aims to enhance the experiences of golf enthusiasts and those keen on healthy living and quality eating.

Club Golf & Health Columela: A Distinctive Project

Club Golf & Health Columela distinguishes itself with a holistic wellness approach, incorporating healthy eating, professional training, and both physical and mental health. Beyond promoting golf, the project invites members to participate in a wellness culture that emphasizes environmental respect and social inclusion. An archaeogastronomy workshop, inspired by Columela, the historic Roman gastronome from Cadiz known for pioneering early pizza, is among the initial activities. Hosted in Valle Romano's notable setting, the workshop is set to provide a blend of culture, healthy local cuisine, and heritage.

Education and Sport: Core Pillars of the Club

At the club's unveiling, health and sports coach Kay Puentes led a session for golfers, offering essential training and nutrition tips. These initiatives underscore the significance of physical readiness for golf enjoyment, focusing on warm-up exercises and muscle strengthening for golf-related movements. Chef Miguel Herrera also conducted a cooking demonstration, illustrating dietary adjustments tailored for golfers. The showcased recipes, such as a homemade energy bar and a roasted pear arugula salad, align with Columela restaurant's commitment to health-conscious, ecological cooking practices, emphasizing seasonal and local ingredients.

Sustainability Focus

Columela restaurant's dedication to sustainability is evident through its menu, emphasizing seasonal and local produce. Utilizing a wood-fired oven for healthier cooking and providing delivery services reflect the project's broader commitment to social integration and cultural and environmental preservation. The restaurant's name pays homage to Lucius Junius Moderatus Columela, a significant Roman agronomist whose contributions have been vital for modern agriculture. Selecting ingredients like hard wheat from Ronda for daily homemade pizzas showcases a commitment to culinary tradition and quality. Valle Romano Golf & Resort Introduces Club Golf & Health Columela Initiative

Looking Forward

The initiation of the Club Golf & Health Columela at Valle Romano Golf & Resort signifies an important step towards promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This project not only broadens the activities available for golf enthusiasts but also opens up opportunities for those interested in the region's rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. With a year-round schedule of activities,

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